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curiosity at work

Setting up professionals & leaders to thrive

We ignite curious minds, train resilient professionals, and mentor leaders for the future. By embracing the power of curiosity, we empower you with essential skills to excel in a rapidly changing world. Discover our talks,  training sessions, personalized mentorship and innovative micro-learning experiences, all carefully crafted by Anna Willems, renowned as 'the wonder woman of curiosity'.

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A cutting-edge technique designed to awaken and enhance curiosity in minutes.

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Experience in training and coaching around
mindset and leadership

Experts in curiosity

Researching the power of curiosity  for 5+ years. Activating lifelong learners

Let's work together

Empowering professionals and leaders to reach new heights through the power of curiosity. Let's unlock deeper understanding, innovation, and growth. Ready?

Inspire & future-proof your people, invite 'the wonder woman of curiosity', Anna Willems to speak at your event or team gathering.



Train resilient & forward-thinking professionals & leaders. Discover our trainings, coaching and programs around curious leadership, mindset and purpose.

Trainings & Programs

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Cultivate a culture of innovation and curiosity with micro-learnings that help you to retain talent, collect innovation data and

enhance collaboration.

100 days curious

What people say

Friesland Campina

"I am very happy that we have chosen to kick-off Learning Month with Anna her session to really spark curiosity in people. What I appreciated most was that this session really made participants think about how important curiosity is in our daily lives at work but also outside of it. It has encouraged participants to ask more questions, explore more, and stimulate curiosity as a tool for personal development."

Liz Egberts

Global L&D Specialist, CoE Talent & Reward

S.P.A.R.K.™ Curiosity:
Transform Thinking in Minutes

A cutting-edge technique designed to awaken and enhance curiosity, revolutionizing your thought patterns quickly and efficiently.

Throughout my five-year journey researching curiosity, one pivotal question stood out: 'How can I activate curiosity in myself and others when it’s dormant?' The answer is S.P.A.R.K.™ - a tool to not only awaken but also amplify the curious mind, offering fresh perspectives anytime, anywhere. A unique method that not only awakens curiosity but also amplifies it, opening up fresh perspectives in any context. S.P.A.R.K. is designed to enhance understanding in the workplace, deepen self-awareness, fuel creativity, and drive innovation, ultimately cultivating an environment where learning and growth thrive.   

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Cultivating a Curious Mindset

Curiosity isn’t just a trait; it’s a vital key to growth. We empower professionals and leaders to adopt a curious mindset, encouraging them to think differently, challenge the status quo, question and experiment, and deepen their understanding of themselves and their surroundings.


Future-proof workplaces 

Our goal? To create innovative, healthy work environments where forward-thinking is the norm. Our mission is to provide professionals and leaders with the necessary tools and insights to turn this vision into reality.


Curious Leadership: The Learning Dance

The essence of our teaching lies in the rhythm of learning, unlearning, and relearning. We embrace learning new concepts, letting go of outdated ones, and continually adapting. It's a cycle that keeps professionals and leaders at the forefront of change.


Meet the 'Wonder Woman of Curiosity'

Anna Willems, a mindset and leadership expert, founded The Curious School, recognizing the vital role of curiosity in professional and personal development. Her experience with the negative effects of stifled curiosity, leading to a loss of motivation and creativity, fueled her conviction.


Learn More About Us

Discover more about Anna, our mission, and our values. Join us in redefining professional excellence through curiosity.

Pssst! Want to inspire the next generation of leaders?

 Us too! Our passion for curiosity doesn't stop at organizations we're also committed to inspire the next generation. Check our university options here!

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