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Curious minds own the future.
We ignite them. 

We guide organizations to cultivate a culture of curiosity, developing resilient, future-ready professionals. Through inspiring talks, unique mindset and leadership programs, and innovative onboarding, we partner with you to foster a thriving environment of curious minds and strong leaders.

We inspired and trained 1500+


One of worlds first curiosity experts

8+ years experience in training and inspiration

Everybody is curious, but we are not all acting curious

Work with us

Anna Willems acclaimed  public speaker and curiosity expert, hosting dynamic talks, inspiring keynotes, and interactive masterclasses.


keynotes &


Inspire and activate curiosity 

Book renowned Curiosity Expert Anna Willems to speak and unlock the curious mindset and bravery at your event.

Engaged participants in the Curious Leadership Program discover mindset insights through hands-on balloon experiments facilitated by Anna Willems

 Custom made 

Leadership programs

Train the curiosity muscle 

Custom made Curious Leadership Programs to gnite lasting curious behavior. Are you ready to unlock your potential as a leader and boost your mindset?

Empowering video challenge in the 100-day Curious Program for new employees: Retain talent and leverage their fresh perspective.

100 days curious program

Cultivate a culture of curiosity

retain talent

Retain top talent by unleashing curiosity within the crucial first 100 days. Experience the transformative "100 Days Curious" program, fueling innovation and growth for new employees. 

Pssst! Want to inspire the next generation of leaders?

 Us too! Our passion for curiosity doesn't stop at organizations we're also committed to inspire the next generation. We offer customized options specifically designed to help students embrace their curious mindset. Are you ready to enhance curious thinking in your university? Check our university options here!

About us


"We imagine a world where we meet uncertainty with wonder instead of judgment, where we act from our curiosity rather than our fear..."

The Curious School the place to unlock your curious mindset
Anna Willlems Founder of  The Curious School, Curiosity Expert, Mindset Coach, Trainer, Creative

What people say

Nationale Opera & Ballet client of The Curious School

"The enthusiasm is electric, and the professionalism and quality are excellent.”

Julia Damberg | communication expert 

Ordina client of The Curious School

" The online keynotes are an experience that invites you to act, rethink and break routines."

Floris | DevOps Engineer

people and organizations have the future. But why?

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