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I took a random bus and I encourage you to do so too! Here is why:

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the picturesque island of Madeira for work. However, every time I travel to a new place, I find myself struggling with the feeling of being overwhelmed by the endless opportunities and expectations. "Should I do this or that? What if I choose wrong and miss out?" Despite the excitement that comes with having many options, it can also be draining.

On my first morning in Madeira, I woke up feeling fresh and excited: "Let's make it the best day, I can do everything." However, I soon found myself stuck in my mind, scrolling through the internet trying to find the best things to do and see: "Best simple hike in Madeira, best restaurant, most beautiful viewpoint. etc."

Did I really just do an online study on Madeira while I could experience the island in the now? It was then that I realized my fear of missing out was causing me to miss out on the present moment. I was sitting in a beautiful beach bar with an amazing ocean view, but instead of enjoying it, I was staring at my phone, feeling frustrated.

I realized when frustrated I am often stuck in a pattern of perfectionism. A clear sign that I have to switch to a state of curiosity and wonder. Time to change the perspective. I decided to be open to what the day would bring and let go of my need for control. I put my phone away, took a deep breath, and let go of my worries.

As I walked, a bus stopped in front of me, and I impulsively decided to take it without knowing where it would go. This random choice led me to the most beautiful botanical garden I have ever seen, a hidden gem that I wouldn't find on google.

By letting go of my need for control and embracing the unexpected, I was able to have a truly amazing experience.

I encourage you to challenge your perfectionism by embracing the unknown. Instead of sticking to a set plan, take a chance and hop on a random bus, put your phone away and walk with curiosity.

- Are you ready to enter the unknown without a plan?

- To let go of control?

- To be fully present, to see what’s really around you?

Open your senses to the world around you, live in the moment and discover the beauty in unexpected experiences. You may be pleasantly surprised by the perfection that unfolds.

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