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Curious leadership program / nieuwsgierig leiderschap programma unlocking the curious mindset

Custom made Curious Leadership programs for companies and organizations to unlock lasting behavioral change 

Our immersive coaching and programs in Curious Leadership, Mindset and Self-Curiosity develop resilient, forward-thinking professionals, fostering a growth mindset and catalyzing enduring workplace transformations.Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our intensive on- and offline training creates lasting behavioral change. We help game changers who are ready to lead with curiosity and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Ready to lead curious?

The programs
we like to tailor for you:


Why custom-made and how does that work?

We're all about achieving concrete results, and we're guessing you feel the same way! That's why we always begin with a conversation about your specific goals and objectives as a manager or organization.We take the time to understand why curious leadership or self-curiosity is critical to your success and can help you overcome challenges. But we also want to make sure that our approach and vibe is a good fit for your needs.

We believe in working together to find the best solutions for your specific needs. With our focus on collaboration and customization, you can be confident that we're committed to delivering results that work for you. Let's have a chat and work together to move from point A to point B.



Long-term behavioral change doesn't happen overnight. That's why we partner with companies and leaders for at least 6 months. Our goal? To create lasting transformations.


Our programs typically include 2-4 full days of immersive training, diverse online sessions (each lasting 1 to 2 hours) and additionally, we offer personal coaching for the participants.

If you're looking for a quick hit of inspiration or want to plant the seeds of change, check out our talks or curiosity cafe. They're perfect for jumpstarting your journey towards curious leadership.



We keep our groups small - no more than 10 participants - so we can give you the attention you deserve.



Our program costs vary based on the number of participants, your wishes and duration. For a 6-month program with 8 participants, the cost is approximately 16.000 euros, excluding VAT, location, and catering. We offer flexible pricing options to fit your budget. Let's chat and create a program that works for you.

What people say


Listen to

Fernando Silva Kroes in Dutch

"The longer programs of The Curious School were great to experience. The enthusiastic coaches take you on a joint journey to boost your psyche in the workplace with the help of critical questions about reality and your own mindset.


This platform has brought me more personal value in my work and because of this I can definitely recommend it." 

Paul Lagerweij

Position: DevOps engineer

Organization: Ordina

"The online training ‘Follow Your Curiosity’ was very creative and active, especially the fact that we started moving, which gave me energy. I immediately became aware that things can be done differently. The theories that emerged were innovative. During this training I came to new insights in particular about curiosity in the workplace and what it can bring."

Hasibe Simsek

Position: Policy Officer Social Domain

Organization: Servicecentrum Drechtsteden

We believe in learning by experiencing

Fernando Silva Kroes | Software Engineer

Why curiosity matters? in Dutch

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