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Who Are we?

The Curious School was founded by one of worlds first curiosity experts Anna Willems.

Together with a fluid team of talented souls she brings wonder, questions, joy and bravery to organizations and university's.

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& vision

It’s our mission to grow future-proof organizations with happy and healthy employees. We do that by igniting and nourishing curiosity at work.

At the Curious School, we imagine a world where we meet uncertainty with wonder instead of judgment, where we act from our curiosity rather than our fear, and where we continuously and courageously choose growth over complacency.

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The Curious School is a on- and offline speaking, training and  coaching agency on a mission to re-awaken one of our most primordial and intelligent qualities that latently resides in our DNA - curiosity. 

 We unlock curiosity and a growth mindset in your organization through inspirational lectures, online trainings and coaching. 


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What we do?

Holy values of
the curious school 

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