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It’s our mission to grow future-proof organizations with happy and healthy employees. We do that by igniting and nourishing curiosity at work.

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Holy values of
The Curious School 


At The Curious School, we imagine a world where we meet uncertainty with wonder instead of judgment, where we act from our curiosity rather than our fear, and where we continuously and courageously choose growth over complacency.

Who Are we?

The Curious School was founded by one of worlds first curiosity experts Anna Willems.

Together with a fluid team of talented souls she brings wonder, questions, joy and bravery to organizations and university's.

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 On a mission to re-awaken one of our most primordial and intelligent qualities that latently resides in our DNA - Curiosity. 

 We unlock and inspire Curious Leadership

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"Everybody is curious, but we're not all acting on it. My own spark dimmed at times, driving me to reignite it, not just for myself but for others as well.
Why? Because curiosity is our most valuable superpower igniting motivation, deepening self-awareness, fostering empathy, amplifying problem-solving skills and serving as the natural driver of innovation."

Anna Willems - founder of the curious school

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