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Book one of worlds first curiosity experts: Anna Willems as speaker and motivator for your (online) event. 

Learn about the power of curiosity for your organization. Get to know our recipe for (work) happiness and staying future proof

Do you want to inspire lifelong learning?

Yes? Cool! Unlock and inspire curiosity with our inspiring talks.
Check out some of our keynotes:

Reach out for all options and tailor made talks.

Not your average keynote speaker

  • Anna brings energy, motivates and above all she has a strong story with a clear message for the future. 

  • Curiosity expert?  Huh what? Yeah, that's a question Anna often got. But despite the odds she is busy studying and unlocking this human trait over 5+ years.  Why? "I really believe it's the superpower of the 21st century. Curious people can turn challenges into adventures.It's a gift. Let's unlock it and foster a culture of innovation while building a company with high employee wellbeing."

  •  Anna practices what she preaches. Being highly curious herself she lives her story. 

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What people say

"A vital message about the future of work.  The (online) keynotes are more than good storytelling. They are an experience that invite you to act, rethink and break routines."

Julia Damberg | communication expert | Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

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  • Anna speaks online, offline and hybrid

  • Duration: let's discuss what suits you.
    We can shape and design our lectures between 20 and 90 minutes.


  • Language: Dutch or English

  • Anna is currently based between Lisbon and Amsterdam, but happy to travel to your event or organization. Or host an online session!

  • Prices start at €1249,- ex vat. and travel expenses. depending on your preferences. 

  • Ready to flip your perspective? For a strong message about the future? Concrete tools? And lots of energy?   


Build a culture of curiosity and learning by making time for it with inspiration sessions every week, two weeks or month:

  • 5 online sessions of 1 hour 
    (The power of curiosity, The growth mindset, Failure fun,

    Self-curiosity, Forever under construction: Learn, unlearn, re-learn.)
  • Your whole team or organization can join
    (up to 500+ people)
  • Interactive and fun. Learning while experiencing with lots of experiments.
  • The ones who feel deeply inspired can continue learning with a follow up exercise provided at the end of every session.
  • Special package price €3757,-  

Curious inspiration package.

Inspire your entire team or organization with 5 exclusive live sessions to build a habit of lifelong learning, a culture of curiosity and to boost the (professional) wellbeing.

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