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Curiosity program for Dutch National Opera Ballet

During the Opera Forward festival (OFF) we have the honor to run a tailor made curiosity program for the employees of The Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

The curiosity program is there for employees that want to work on their future mindset and who are open to question. It's amazing to see how The Dutch National Opera & Ballet uses the platform of the Opera Forward Festival to motivate their own employees to think differently as well.

What's Opera Forward Festival?

The Opera Forward Festival is the ultimate platform ant the engine for innovation in opera. Since its first edition in 2016, OFF has been looking for the power of opera today, in a world that is changing rapidly. Not scared to ask questions, play and to experiment OFF is busy unravelling the future of opera.

About the curiosity program

We train how to replace fear and assumptions for curiosity and wonder. The curiosity program helps employees to question and break their autopilot: "Why do we do things the way we do it?" "What will opera and ballet look like in the future?" "How can I use my curiosity to stay relevant?"

Two weeks long employees will follow different workshops around the topic curiosity. During this program employees will challenge themselves to step outside the comfort zone, to experiment, to question, to look outside the box but also to look at the work culture.

Next to the workshops participants follow a ten day challenge to train curiosity as an habit.

Yesterday we had a lovely kickoff of the curiosity program with 25 participants.

What are you doing to promote a culture of innovation, curiosity and happiness?

Questions feel free to reach out:

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