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All you need is within you now

When overwhelmed, when clueless, when insecure I repeat the mantra: “All I need is within me now”. It is probably my strongest mantra. It really changed how I look to advice, to mentors, to my business and to life. Who am I to tell you what you should do in order to live the best life? I like to be your inspiration, but not your decision maker. I believe all the answers on how to live the life are within you. Right here, right now.

I've been an entrepreneur, trainer, public speaker for over eight years now. I worked with the most amazing mentors and business coaches. They helped me to find my own truth, to follow my own path (THANK YOU SO MUCH if you are reading this ♥️)But sometimes I also felt a little bit overwhelmed with all the coaching and advice: Then one coach was telling me: “Hey, you really should follow this structure, this model will grow your business’’ And then the other coach was telling me: “Let go of models and you should just listen to your intuition” At a certain point as an entrepreneur I realized an advice is just advice and the answers are within me. And that gave space and air. Working with the most amazing people and coming back to myself. Asking: What resonates with me? What’s inspiring me? What lights me up? And what not? Because all I need is within me now. Advices are not things you need to follow or you have to implement: listen, learn and than decide from the within. So I am only here to inspire you with strategies on how you can shape the life that suits you. But you are the director, you make the decision. You choose what recipes and ideas work for you. Want to know more? Watch the youtube video I created about this toppic:

DARE TO LISTEN TO YOUR OWN TRUTH and repeat: All I need is within me now.

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