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Training and progams

Grow the curious mindset in your team or organization.

We train the skills necessary to be fully curious. From the growth mindset to the power of mistakes and self-curiosity.  You can call them 21st century skills.

Next to that we offer training programs to help your organization build a curious culture. 


Out there for the ones that are ready to be a game changer. 

Intensive trainings, sessions and programs, on- or offline 



90 day 
a new way of onboarding

Growth mindset

Self-curiosity. What makes you happy?

Our online trainings

for lifelong learners

We train the skills that are necessary to become
a lifelong learner and unlock curiosity. 

These sessions last an average of 2.5 to 3 hours. Always online with a lot of interaction and personal guidance. Learning by experiencing that is our specialty.

We believe in learning by experiencing

"Want to walk out of an online keynote more energetic than going in? It's possible with Anna from The Curious School.


During the keynote ‘Train Your CQ’, we were impressed by the theory behind the Curiosity Quotient, and the concrete advice & tips for using curiosity in the workplace (both online and offline). In just a short time, we were convinced and made all the more curious about The Curious School. Highly recommended this webinar to start with!"


Emma de Jong

Position: Community Manager

Organization: Scaleup Company

"We really enjoyed Anna as a speaker. Her enthusiasm and creative energizers kept us constantly captivated and focused.


The power of curiosity was a valuable addition to the day. It was exactly what fueled our creativity to come up with clever projects. Anna, thank you!"

Hannah Markusse

Position: Student Coordinator

Organization: Radboud University


Build a culture of curiosity and learning by making time for it with inspiration sessions every week, two weeks or month:

  • 5 online sessions of 1 hour 
    (The power of curiosity, The growth mindset, Failure fun,

    Self-curiosity, Forever under construction: Learn, unlearn, re-learn.)
  • Your whole team or organization can join
    (up to 500+ people)
  • Interactive and fun. Learning while experiencing with lots of experiments.
  • The ones who feel deeply inspired can continue learning with a follow up exercise provided at the end of every session.
  • Special package price €3757,-  

Online inspiration package.

Inspire your entire team or organization with 5 exclusive live sessions to build a habit of lifelong learning, a culture of curiosity and to boost the (professional) wellbeing.

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