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The first 100 days of new hires are crucial to retain talent and motivation

The '100 Days Curious Program'  helps you to thrive:
Retain top talent, Harness the fresh perspectives,
Unlock collaborations and foster a culture of curiosity.
Ready to keep new talent on board?

Retain top talent 

Innovate naturally

Strenghten collaboration 

In the first 100 days new employees either
thrive or disengage.

100 days curious is journey that will revolutionize your organization's onboarding process. Our simple program empowers your organization to embrace the new and support their curiosity. By infusing curiosity into your DNA, you create an environment where employees thrive and connections flourish.

The 100 Days Curious Program helps you to :

1. Retain talent

Companies with strong onboarding programs improve retention rates by 82% and increase the engagement 18 times.

3. Unlock collaboration

Curiosity bridges gaps, connecting all levels: Unleash its power and foster understanding from the beginning

2. Boost innovation power

Harness fresh perspectives and fuel innovation:  farewell costly consultants, Hi, internal innovation.

4.Build a curious culture

At the start of a new job, professional curiosity is at its peak. By nurturing it, it never falls asleep.

After 100 days, harvest data that not only fuels innovation but also supports your new hire's journey.

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With the 100 Days Curious Program, you'll not only retain top talent but also harness their fresh perspectives to fuel innovation and foster a culture of curiosity.

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