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Tired of mediocrity and disengagement in your workplace?Unlock Curious leadership with us and say hello to a workplace that's bursting with growth and learning. 


 Get inspired by our engaging keynotes and masterclasses and make a lasting change with our custom programs and1:1 coaching.

We are on a  mission to create lasting behavior for a culture of continuous learning and growth. We'll boost your organization's performance by reigniting the power of curiosity.   Get curious with us now!

Tired of a workplace that lacks inspiration and motivation?

Unlock Curious leadership with us

...and say goodbye to disengagement, low well-being, and mediocrity. We'll boost your organization's performance by igniting the power of curiosity. Here's how we do it:


1. Engaging keynotes and masterclasses to inspire a curious mindset.

2. Customized programs and 1:1 coaching to put curiosity into action, unlocking lasting curious behavior and leadership for a culture of learning and growth.

3. Want to inspire the next generation? Check out our university options

Don't settle for mediocre—get curious with us now!

oster lasting curious behavior that ignites resilience, creativity, a growth mindset, and empathy. Elevate the performance of your employees by unleashing the power of lifelong learning and help them to think fresh and lead differentlyReady to shake things up? Get curious with Us now and embrace the power of curious Leadership!

Curiosity expert since 2018 •

 1000+ employees trained •   

Online and offline sessions • 

 Talks all over the world • 

Ready to light the fuse and ignite growth?

We inspire, train and consult curious leadership.

1. Plant curiosity


& speaking

2. Grow curiosity


& Programms

3. Cultivate curiosity



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Keynotes & masterclasses

Get to know the power of curiosity and it's benefits during engaging keynotes and masterclasses to inspire a curious mindset.

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Inspircuriosity in your organization

Book a keynote with

Curiosity expert Anna Willems

Get to know the power of curiosity with Anna Willems, one of the world's foremost experts in the field. Anna's dynamic and interactive talks and masterclasses inspire lifelong learning, a strong mindset and boost creative thinking and innovation, Her expertise, energy and passion create a truly unforgettable experience that will transform your (online) event. Book Anna now to start your organization's journey towards inspired curiosity!

Activate and unlock curiosity in yourself or team

Trainings & workshops

(on- & offline)

Thousands of participants followed our talks, programs or trainings and invested in growing their CQ (Curiosity Quotient).We train the skills necessary to be fully curious. From the growth mindset to the power of mistakes and self-curiosity.  Next to that we offer training programs to help your organization build a curious culture. Curious? Good. Get in touch! 
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Build a culture of curiosity, elevate your leadership style

Coaching & consultancy

Are you ready to shift your focus and lead with empathy and wonder? Are you determined to thrive no matter the weather, timing or circumstance? Are you maybe even ready to shift your company culture? Cool let's talk. 

What people say

"A vital message about the future of work.  The (online) keynotes are more than good storytelling. They are an experience that invite you to act, rethink and break routines."


Julia Damberg | communication expert | Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

About us


"We imagine a world where we meet uncertainty with wonder instead of judgment, where we act from our curiosity rather than our fear..."

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These clients boosted their curiosity with us, we love to help you too 


Work with us

We inspire, train and consult. Ready to light the fuse and ignite growth?

Our online trainings

for lifelong learners

We train the skills that are necessary to become
a lifelong learner and unlock curiosity. 

These sessions last an average of 2.5 to 3 hours. Always online with a lot of interaction and personal guidance. Learning by experiencing that is our specialty.

"Want to walk out of an online keynote more energetic than going in? It's possible with Anna from The Curious School.


During the keynote ‘Train Your CQ’, we were impressed by the theory behind the Curiosity Quotient, and the concrete advice & tips for using curiosity in the workplace (both online and offline). In just a short time, we were convinced and made all the more curious about The Curious School. Highly recommended this webinar to start with!"


Emma de Jong

Position: Community Manager

Organization: Scaleup Company

"We really enjoyed Anna as a speaker. Her enthusiasm and creative energizers kept us constantly captivated and focused.


The power of curiosity was a valuable addition to the day. It was exactly what fueled our creativity to come up with clever projects. Anna, thank you!"

Hannah Markusse

Position: Student Coordinator

Organization: Radboud University

Anna Willems, Curiosity Expert and Keynote speaker. Talk: Curious leadership


Speaking: inspiring talks and lectures

Make your event unforgettable with a captivating keynote by renowned curiosity expert Anna Willems, who will inspire and energize your audience with her insights on the power of curiosity. 

Anna Willems Training the Curious Mindset in organizations
Curious Leadership program. Nieuwsgierig Leiderschap programma. Voor de leiders van de toekomst / future


Custom made Curious leadership programs 

  Discover the power of cultivating curiosity and transform yourself as a leader. Time to ignite lasting curious behavior, drive innovation and build stronger, more resilient teams. Get in touch with us today and start to lead with wonder.

Leadership training inspiring curious leaders to lead with wonder
Build a culture of curiosity with our online course and mastermind


 Coming soon: Online course + mastermind building a culture of curiosity 

 Designed for HR/L&D professionals, CEOs, founders, managers, and culture builders who want to create a culture of curiosity and innovation within their organization. With live coaching and community support, participants will learn practical skills and strategies to implement real change in their workplace.

Virtual training around curious leadership to help you build a culture of curiosity

Curiosity in your inbox?
Subscribe for a letter full of wonder, questions, braveness and fresh perspectives. 

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 Coaching & Consulutancy

Cultivate the curious mindset in your team or organization.

Are you ready to shift your focus and lead with empathy and wonder? Are you determined to thrive no matter the weather, timing or circumstance? Are you maybe even ready to shift your company culture?


Cool let's talk. 

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Curious coaching consult

We will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and help you cultivate the skills you need to approach challenges with an open mind and a sense of wonder. Get in touch today and discover how our curious mentoring can transform your personal and professional life.
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