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Curiosity unlocked

Take a stand for the importance of curiosity within your organization with our online 'Curiosity Unlocked' masterclass series: empower a culture of curiosity and fuel lifelong learning in your team.

✓ Five exclusive 1-hour online live sessions
✓ Engaging follow-up exercises 
✓ Capacity for up to 250 participants
✓ Access to recorded sessions
✓ Guidance from curiosity expert Anna Willems
✓ Every session 15 min Q&A 
✓ Book in Dutch or English

✓ Boost your culture of curiosity for €3757,-

🚀 Why choose the virtual 'curiosity unlocked' series? 

'Curiosity Unlocked' is an online multi-date masterclass series that boosts

well-being, inspires a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning - all while having fun during interactive masterclasses with lots of experiments.

We provide a unique and immersive learning experience that is perfect for getting your full organization on board with the value of curiosity.


Our masterclass series is designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun, and can accommodate up to 250 participants whether they are joining from home or from the workplace.  


With our inspiring and engaging masterclass series, you make the first step in fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation, leading to better problem-solving, increased productivity, and sustainable success

We believe that a curious culture starts with awareness. That's why our carefully crafted program includes the following:

Awareness: Our masterclass series helps participants develop a deeper understanding of the importance of curiosity and how it can impact their personal and professional lives.

Motivation: We inspire and motivate participants to embrace a growth mindset and become more curious, creative, and innovative in their work.

Encourages Personal Growth: Our masterclass series is designed to help participants develop a growth mindset and become more self-aware, confident, and resilient.

Inspires lifelong learning: Our interactive and immersive masterclass series is designed to unlock lifelong learning and help your team to become a natural explorer. 


Online masterclasses to build a culture of curiosity and to train the future mindset. Bouw een nieuwsgierige werkcultuur, ontvlam de toekomst mindset

By investing in our masterclass series, you are making a meaningful investment in the ongoing personal and professional growth of your team. This opportunity not only opens the door to lifelong learning but also underscores the significance of curiosity within your organization. If curiosity, exploration, or learning happen to be core values in your organization, this is the perfect avenue to fully embrace and reinforce those values. By doing so, you can cultivate a vibrant culture of curiosity that fosters improved performance and long-term success.

What is included? 

Our Virtual Curiosity Unlocked masterclass series is a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate your team. Here's what's included in our package:

✓ Five exclusive 1-hour online live sessions: Our live sessions are hosted by our expert facilitator and are designed to be interactive, fun, and packed with knowledge. Each session is carefully crafted to engage your team and help them develop their curiosity muscles.

✓ Up to 250 participants within one organization: Our masterclass series is suitable for organizations. Up to 250 people can join in and learn about curiosity, growth mindset, and self-curiosity.

✓ Engaging follow-up exercises for extra growth: To ensure that learning is retained, we provide engaging follow-up exercises after each session. These exercises are designed to help participants apply what they've learned and further develop their curiosity and growth mindset.

✓ Access to recorded sessions: If a participant misses a live session, they can still access the session by watching the recording. This ensures that no one misses out on any of the valuable content and experiences.

Anna Willems will be your engaging host: Our host, Anna Willems, is a playful and engaging expert in the field of curiosity and learning. Anna brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to each session and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and engaged throughout the program.

​​✓ Every session 15 min Q&A: Every session includes a 15-minute Q&A to provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions and gain further insights. We love it when people get curious ;) 

Why curiosity matters? Watch the video in Dutch

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Meet your host
Anna Willems

Anna Willems, founder of The Curious School, is the passionate and energetic host of the Curiosity Cafe. As a mindset coach, inspirational speaker, and one of the world's first curiosity experts, Anna has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations embrace the power of curiosity.

Anna's own journey is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity. She has spent years learning, pivoting, and experimenting to build The Curious School as we know it today. A fun fact about Anna is that her passion for curiosity was born out of a personal struggle - working in various organizations that did not value or encourage curiosity. Determined to create a different kind of workplace, Anna founded The Curious School to help individuals and organizations unlock their curiosity and embrace their full potential.

Anna's commitment to curiosity doesn't stop at her work - she practices what she preaches in her own life by constantly questioning, experimenting, learning, and reinventing herself. With her knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy, Anna is the perfect host to guide you on your own journey of discovery and exploration. 

Get your team's curiosity muscles flexing today and invest in the future

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to create a culture of curiosity within your organization.
Book the virtual 'Curiosity Unlocked' series in your organization for just €3757 and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success together!

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